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5 Steps To Becoming Your Own Health Hero For Sustainable Success

How do you become your own health hero? Come find out as Dr, Nandi offers from his best selling book "Ask Dr. Nandi" a simple, sustainable guide to healthful habits. It is a path anyone can follow to longevity, well-being and a joyful life. This book is also the difference between just being alive, and [...]

Heal Your Heart and Change Your Mind for Sustainable Success

Have you ever felt that you were more sensitive than you wanted to be? Has anyone ever hurt your feelings, lied or broke a promise to you? Does the concept of “heart wounds” mean anything to you or resonate with you on any level? Have you ever felt that things just don’t work out for [...]


What Creates Sustainable Energy – Why is That Important?

Sustainable energy in reality is not easy. However, it can be done with having the right combination of leverage, processes, a multiplier mindset, and accountability in action. We require this energy to take us to new levels in our business to increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue. What you are currently doing may not be yielding [...]

Mastering the Speaking Game for Sustainable Success

Speaking is a craft only so many people can perfect to earn a significant amount of wealth. It requires the ability to be super confident and charismatic while having fun. It is also the ability to influence others that allow them to draw their own conclusions to take action. Mastering the speaking game allows one [...]


The Art of Making Things Happen

What is bluefishing? Come find out! It all ties into the art of making things happen in life and business. Where your imperfections are your perfections. The man who created Bluefish, the internationally famous company that makes once in a lifetime events happen for the rich and famous reveals to the rest of us his [...]

The Go-Giver Way to Sustainable Success

Give exceptional value. Enjoy extraordinary results. It is generally agreed upon that entrepreneurship is the engine that drives an economy upwards and is primarily responsible for its growth. Entrepreneurs create jobs, bring better and more affordable products and services to the marketplace, resulting in greater societal health, overall wealth and a vastly improved standard of [...]

Developing a Prosperity Mindset

The Power of Self-Talk

Are you talking yourself into achieving less than your potential in life? Oh, not consciously, of course, no one would do that purposely. But with your Self Talk, you may be doing it, just the same. In recent years, we have come to understand more about the relationship between our Self Talk and our actions. [...]

The Power of Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Success

Entrepreneurship is about problem solving. It is about changing the way things are into the way they should be. Sustainable success is about operating within the solution rather than managing the problem. Entrepreneurs that are game changers understand this and strive to change the world in terms of values and experience other than products itself. [...]


Become An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader

Become a puzzle-solving ninja who discovers creative solutions by merging the practical, tactical, logical, physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional sides of yourself. This "Inward Journey" quickly identifies workplace challenges and their ideal solutions. The book, "The Enchanted Boardroom - Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader" introduces Shiftology(TM) tools that help you learn how to tap [...]

What is Wrong with Leadership Training for Sustainable Success?

There is the knowledge of leadership and then actually how it is applied in a real world environment. Everyone talks about what it takes to be an effective leader but not the actual process to become one in real life. Joshua Spodek discusses real world exercises how existing leaders or those aspiring to be one [...]