Our Causes


This is where it all starts! If we can begin to create healthier and happier homes, that makes an impact on the adults AND the children. It also allows that to spread into the other areas, or causes, in which EFA is making a difference.


Children who have a positive home environment will bring that to school with them. That’s taking the home, and empowering its growth into classrooms, which will have a tremendous impact on the teachers and faculty, too. They will then go and bring it out even further to their families, and their communities too!


The combination of home and classroom helps the movement reach more people in their communities. We are all in this together! This is where volunteering comes into play and helping the EFA Movement get the mission and message to more people who need it. With all three of these causes in motion, corporations bring it all together.


Sixty three percent of people working in businesses are parents. So, parents that bring the sustainable
solutions from the home, classroom and communities, will naturally bring that to the
corporations. Many issues that affect children in schools affect adults in business and life, too.
This really brings the habits and principles of EFA as solutions full circle. We rely on corporations for many things, including empowering healthy environments for their people.

How you can help


The movement sustains when we all work together! As the EFA Movement continues to grow, we’ll be calling on true leaders to assist in communities, corporations, and classrooms!


Your donations help our team to reach more children, parents, communities &
more! Donations assist in continuing to create sustainable solution-based curriculum
& workshops that we can present to schools, communities and corporations!


We all know sharing is caring. Again, we all are in this together. Share this
message with your friends, family, and so on. The more the message is out there, the
more of a positive, immediate effect we can have, and the sooner that positivity sustains!

Where the
money goes

Current operation and program
spending breakdown *

  • Education and Prevention
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Fundraising
  • Culture and Community

*As EFA grows, these numbers may fluctuate. These are designed to give an idea as to the monetary breakdown of proceeds.

Education and Prevention
Social and Emotional Learning
Culture and Community

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