Christopher Salem and Joseph Cohen will bring their collective professional experience of over fifty years in the areas of teaching, management, consulting and coaching.

By facilitating youth development while promoting balanced living and social responsibility, Empowered Fathers in Action will provide the following:

1.  Educational video series based upon The Critical Role of Parenting in Human Development  which addresses adult risk factors of parental neglect and child abuse and provides strategies to overcome these problems.

2.  Workshops that will introduce participants to a number of important and empowering principles:

  • How to lay the foundation for an empowering and supportive relationship that will lead to a lifelong father-son bond
  • Constructive ways fathers can help their sons transform the challenges that will inevitably surface into opportunities for growth
  • Why open and thought-provoking conversation and constructive communication between father and son (at every stage) is essential for self-esteem, happiness, and sustainable success
  • Developing a Prosperity Mindset including why alignment of health and business/life success is essential
  • How to create a blueprint based on a shared vision for an empowered future

3.  Educational Seminars and Retreats

Christopher Salem is the author of Master Your Inner Critic: Resolve the Root Cause, Create Prosperity and co-author with Jack Canfield of Mastering the Art of Success.

Empowered Fathers in Action will utilize a set of principles that Christopher Salem, an internationally respected keynote speaker, prosperity coach and author has used to help his coaching clients and those who attend his presentations including individuals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales executives, coaches, authors and speakers to resolve the root cause that is preventing them from achieving sustainable success.

He teaches that there must be alignment of health and wealth in order to achieve sustainable success — a concept for which he originated the term Prosperneur.

Sustainable Success:

  • utilizes individualized Evidence Based Behavior Modification program
  • a process to get from a problem to its sustainable solution
  1. Wellness
    Emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, environmental. financial, &
  2. Communication
    Listen to relate and understand vs listening to respond
  3. Empowerment
    Being a product of the process to operate from within solution
  4. Leading by Example
    A leader is in action, not in title
  5. Developing a Prosperity Mindset
    Embracing a process & creating/achieving results, operating from within a solution
  6. Awareness
    Being present in the moment, operating from within the Prosperity Mindset

Seven Steps to achieve Sustainable Success

  • Steps for children and young adults
  1. Learn the value of confronting and solving problems
  2. Learn the value of accepting and embracing change
  3. Learn the value of overcoming fear and its importance for growth
  4. Sustaining the spirit of creativity and innovation
  5. Setting specific measurable and attainable goals
  6. Making time to do what you love to do
  7. Taking responsibility for your actions and honoring your agreements
  • Steps for adults, including parents and teachers
  1. Resolve the Root Cause to limited beliefs
  2. Embrace change
  3. Step into your solution for growth
  4. Know your why to success
  5. Set specific measurable goals
  6. Invest in yourself
  7. Be accountable always

Evidence Based Behavior Modification programs

  • Designed to address various parenting challenges
  • Includes comprehensive intake, assessment and consultation
  • Customized solution provided for parents and their children
  • Ongoing support


Teaching children, parents & adults to live and operate within a solution — which evolves from embracing a problem or challenge from limited beliefs— rather than from within a problem fosters positive habits and facilitates discipline. The result is creating empowered, cooperative children to become future leaders in our communities and eventually in the business world.

4. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) school curriculum

5. Teacher training

6. Workshop facilitator training

7. Consulting to corporations and community organizations

8. Individual coaching