At Empowered Fathers in Action, we consider ourselves a Movement,
rather than a typical non-profit organization. Our sustainable solution-driven programs are truly an interactive experience. Our approach is uniting in mentality & aligning methodologies together, as a team. Our process is universally applicable, so we keep children, parents, teachers, everyone, aligned. We simplify it further with
programs designed for homes, classrooms, communities and corporations.

Whether students, teachers, parents, business leaders and so on. We bring an exciting and simple approach to help students, teachers, parents and business leaders create healthier habits that will sustain for generations to come!

Below are the programs we offer:

1. Sustainable Solutions for the Classrooms

Through our unique curriculum, based on the principles from our “Core Components”, we provide an interactive approach to students by guiding and empowering them to grow into leaders, while embracing
inter-dependency amongst one another, as well as outside of the classroom.

2. Sustainable Solutions for Adults

A program designed to empower all adults to bring alignment in life and business which creates healthier habits in and out of the home. These habits can also transcend into your community and business, where
sustainable solutions make an even greater impact.


  • You’ll gain valuable tools to create simplicity in your own process
  • We’ll help you apply those tools in the classroom, to align our process of empowering children/students.


  • We’ll guide you through a simple process to operate from within
    solutions, love and gratitude, rather than from within problems. The habits you’ll learn will create a healthier home environment.
  • We’ll help you align your process as a whole, as a family. The power of our solutions is that everyone is part of a unified process.
  • We’ll help you to align your life and business, no longer feeling the need to separate the two.

3. Sustainable Solutions for Businesses

We bring the successful model of Chris Salem, which he has used for years to inspire & motivate businesses within all levels to create stronger habits for growth and prosperity, in and out of the office. Through workshops, EFA will provide those same solutions, through a service donation. Our mission is growing this movement nationwide and globally empower
businesses being able to contribute to this powerful and critical movement.

4. Other areas where we bring the Solutions of EFA Experience are:

  • Groups/Organizations
  • Community Centers
  • Local Businesses (see more below)
  • Sports Teams (Ages 10 & up)
  • Events throughout the country, hosted by our Leadership Team

5. Educational Video Series

based upon The Critical Role of Parenting in Human Development which addresses adult risk factors of parental neglect and child abuse and provides strategies to overcome these problems.

6. Individual Coaching & Mentoring

Contact EFA’s Managing Director,
Davey Williams, to learn more

The Outcomes We Can Achieve Together:

Teaching children, parents & adults to live and operate within a solution — which evolves from embracing a problem or challenge from limited beliefs— rather than from within a problem. This approach fosters positive habits and facilitates discipline. The result is creating empowered,
cooperative children to become future leaders in our communities and eventually in the business world.