One effective method is a bond building process that revolves around effectively addressing three essential questions that Joseph Cohen, a former New York City middle and high school alternative education teacher, freelance journalist, and success coach used in the book he wrote with his son, Jared entitled Write Father, Write Son: A Bond-Building Journey. It provides a framework for constructive communication that can unify families and strengthen inter-generational relationships.

Do you see me? – Acknowledging and praising recent accomplishments to open a meaningful dialogue.

Can You Hear Me? – Listening without judgment to identify challenging issues and develop a conversation.

What Can You Teach Me? – Providing constructive feedback and introducing a solution or fresh perspective upon which both parent and child can act.

Another effective approach is a set of principles that Christopher Salem, an internationally respected keynote speaker, prosperity coach, and author has used to help his coaching clients and those who attend his presentations — including individuals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales executives, coaches, authors, and speakers — to resolve the root cause preventing them from achieving sustainable success. He is the author of Master Your Inner Critic: Resolve the Root Cause, Create Prosperity and co-author with Jack Canfield of Mastering the Art of Success.

Mr. Salem teaches that there must be alignment of health and wealth in order to achieve sustainable success — a concept for which he originated the term Prosperneur.

His five components for Sustainable Success include:

1. Wellness First

2. Communication

3. Empowerment

4. Developing a Prosperity Mindset

5. Leadership