Ken Rochon

Ken Rochon

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Ken Rochon is a renaissance spiritual leader, who loves the arts and sciences.

His calling is to amplify the messages of other spiritual leaders by leveraging like-minded and like hearted audiences and leaders at offline events to collaborate their influence to cause social proof viral campaigns that benefit everyone at the event. This viral campaign markets the message of the event to the world and in essence wakes the world up with a positive frequency that inspires people to learn more about the event, the leaders, the speakers and sponsors.

He has authored 16 books on a multitude of topics to include children, linguistics, marketing, networking, and travel. His current book 'Keep Smiling... Shift Happens!' has caused a movement of celebrities and leaders to want to join in helping remind the world positivity attracts positive power.

Ken is considered a humanitarian and philanthropists for the hundreds of events he and his company volunteer to support and market each year. His desire to inspire living a purpose driven life caused him to create The Umbrella Syndicate to support authors, leaders and speakers. He is a specialist in creating 'Social Proof Viral Campaigns' for some of the top events, leaders, non-profits and organizations. His ability to see the vision of a leader and cause the perception of the vision to become a reality is one of the reasons he is included in so many amazing concepts, inventions, and projects.

Ken's ability to capture the human spirit is the biggest reason he is sought after for some of the biggest events in the USA and now the world.

Ken loves to travel and recently accomplished one of his bucket list of visiting over 100 countries. Ken's favorite place to travel is back home to spend time with his family. His son Kenny is the light of his life.

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