Joseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen

Brief info

Joseph co-created a community service program for a group of middle school students attending two alternative schools – Bronx Academy, and later for high school students at Fordham Heights Academy in Bronx, New York, which led to summer employment for five high school students at Wave Hill in the Bronx.

Joseph served as the faculty advisor for the Fordham Heights Chronicle, a student magazine, where he co-created this publication with a non-profit group that provided consulting and technology training for the student editorial board, consisting of the same group of five students who were hired by Wave Hill.

He wrote a series of articles for the Environmental Action Coalition, a non-profit organization, based upon the work his students did while volunteering and working at Wave Hill.

As a Recruitment Manager, Joseph led a workshop while at Concepts In Staffing, to a group of junior technology recruiters. Here he instructed them how to effectively market candidates to hiring companies and prepare them for interviews with hiring managers.

As an Executive for Isagenix International, a health and wellness network marketing company, Joseph led a teleconference series for independent business owners on personal development and its impact on building a sales team.

As a Success Coach, Joseph provided individual business coaching focusing on goal setting and achievement to private clients.