Christopher Salem

Christopher Salem

Co Founder
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Chris spent a 20-year career in sales and sales management, working with C-Suite and key decision makers in the Media industry, primarily in the Aviation segment. He has received numerous awards for outstanding sales performance based on his ability to connect with customers at heart level. He truly provided value by always going beyond the call of duty for his customers to keep retention rates high.

Chris has been a world-class international speaker for 20 years, addressing various business and personal development topics that invoke motivation to change or pivot to the next level for sustainable success.

He speaks at association events, summits, masterminds, charities, corporations, and children functions worldwide. His talks always allow the audience to have that ah-ah moment to draw their own conclusion to what works best for the audience. He always gets to the root cause of the problem and sheds wisdom along with the process to operate within the solution. Chris works with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes as a life and business strategist, to diagnose the problem for resolution so they can going forward operate within the solution for sustainable success.

Chris has been a Youth Sports Coach for boys across the following sports: baseball, basketball, and football. His unique coaching style goes beyond the call of duty of a standard coach by empowering his young athletes in areas of transparent leadership, mindset, and teamwork.

Chris has delivered several talks and workshops for children and teens around various topics, with his most recent at JP Morgan Chase for more than 180 children for their “Take Your Kid to Work” day.