United in their concern for America’s current generation of young men, Joseph Cohen and Christopher Salem – both authors, speakers, and fathers who care deeply about their sons – have developed a broad spectrum of resources that will provide fathers with the insight, information and tools they need to play a more engaged, supportive and influential role in the lives of their sons (the fathers of daughters will also benefit).

This program will help reduce bullying incidents, raise self-esteem, and decrease the rates of teenage suicide and school shootings across the United States. It is designed for socially responsible corporations and communities across the United States as well as in school districts educating at-risk youth.

With the intention of facilitating youth development while promoting balanced living, social responsibility, and sustainable success Empowered Fathers in Action will provide curriculum and workshops; educational seminars and retreats; teacher and workshop facilitator training; consulting; individual coaching; and selected books written by Joseph Cohen and Christopher Salem.


The two Co-Founders (Christopher Salem and Joseph Cohen) will bring their collective professional experience of over fifty years in the areas of teaching, management, consulting and coaching to advance the goals and objective of Empowered Fathers in Action (EFA).

Joseph Cohen
Christopher Salem
Chief Executive Officer


Davey Williams
Managing Director