Master Your Inner Critic: Resolve the Root Cause Create Prosperity

For many years, Chris has seen people aspiring to make changes and grow but struggled at different phases of their career and life. He is just like you, a regular person that has faced similar struggles. Chris shares from experience what has worked successfully through hard work and dedication to help in your challenges. We all reach crossroads in our lives. Is it your time to make life changing decisions to become the person you always aspired too but felt was never within your reach or were not deserving?

Most important, are you willing to commit full hearted to becoming your better self that leads to:
– Feeling and looking better than you ever have in your life
– More money while having fun pursuing your passion
– Better personal relationships
– More freedom

The solution always evolves out of the problem or challenge. The issue is that many people operate their lives and business in the effect of the “root cause” of their problems. They manage the effect but do not address the “root cause.” This book shows people how to address their “root cause” then release it over time creating new and healthier habits that lead to prosperity in all areas.

There are 7 steps to Mastering Your Inner Critic and are as follows:
Step 1 – Resolve the Root Cause
Step 2 – Embrace Change
Step 3 – Stepping into your Fear
Step 4 – Know your Why to Success
Step 5 – Setting Goals to Live Life on your Terms
Step 6 – Invest in You
Step 7 – Being Accountable

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